As the first article I wanted to write about 3D printing and a 3Doodler – 3D printing pen, which I recently read about in an article called 3Doodler review. I am absolutely fascinated by 3D printing and the fact that it is getting easier and easier for common people like me to operate one. The other breakthrough from my opinion is that it is getting more and more affordable to actually buy a 3D printer. 3Doodler is a great example of this, although it may be debatable whether it qualifies as a “3D printer”. In many ways I think it does.

When I first saw the 3Doodler I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the coolest thing ever, and I knew I needed to get one. I know it has been referred as a simple gluegun, but I think it’s something more than that. The things that I have seen people creating with it has just been simply amazing.

I’m not a very tech savvy person, but I really am thrilled to see how fast the 3D printing industry develops. I think it’s the future, although it may take years for it to fully show it’s true colors and what it can do for our kind. I would like to see my children learning the technology (everything is so easy for them). I am not young man anymore so learning anything new is always a bit of a task. But for them, I know this is the right way to go.

3Doodler seemed to be something even I could learn to use. I am currently waiting for it to arrive. I will report more when I have it at hand. My kids will be so excited to play with it too. They are asking every day when will it arrive.